Shina Bark Trivet by fstyle

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This trivet is woven from Shina bark and it measures 6'' in diameter.

The style of weaving used for this trivet has been passed down since the Jomon period (2000 BC) from generation to generation among just a few families in Niigata prefecture, the northern part of Japan.

Today this craft using Shina tree bark is appraised as one of the world's scarcest folk-crafts.

By using this weaving technique for this trivet, the designers adds a modern twist to an ancient craft to re-popularize and support an important part of Japan's heritage.

Shina Bark Trivet by fstyle

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F/style F/style, focuses on discovering new markets for local Japanese industries, specifically forgotten and/or endangered techniques. When appropriate, F/style adapts them to suit the current market, however many of the products have such appeall that little to no changes are made.