Keisuke Serizawa Calendar for 2018

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The first stencil-dyed calendar was created in 1946 by Keisuke Serizawa.

During the occupation of Japan, the Serizawa Calendar became a popular gift item among wives of U.S. officers based in Japan, who often would send calendars back home as Christmas gifts.

Serizawa's artistic use of this unique craft eventually became so popular among visitors that the Emperor of Japan designated him as a Living National Treasure in 1956.

Serizawa continued to produce new calendars for the next 39 years until he passed away in 1985, and his family continues to produce calendars with his existing patterns to this day.

Each calendar set comes with a plastic display stand. You can change the page every month to enjoy Serizawa's stencil art throughout the year!

Keisuke Serizawa Calendar for 2018

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size: 4" x 5.25" (100mm x 135mm)