Donabe Stew Pot

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Classic Iga-yaki Donabe, ideal for 4 - 6 people.

Size: 30.5 cm (12.25") x W36 cm (14.5")
– incl. handles x H18.5 cm (7.5")

Capacity: 3,000 ml (about 3 quarts)
Weight: 3.5 kg (about 7 lbs)

This is a very classic-style donabe which you can use for many different kinds of dishes.
In Japan, almost every household has at least one classic-style donabe and use it to cook a variety of hot pot dishes including shabu shabu and sukiyaki on tabletop with your family and friends.
The classic-style donabe is also ideal for stewing or braising.
Because Iga clay has the higher heat-resistance, you can cook with it over gas range or in the oven.

Donabe Stew Pot

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Nagatanien Nagatanien’s Iga-Mono line of handmade cookware comes from Iga (Mie Prefecture,). Many consider Iga ware the epitome of Japanese ceramics. The clay is most well-known for its ability to withstand extremely high heat and weather rapid changes in temperature without cracking. The strength of Iga ware is due to the special clay that comes from earth layers that were once the bottom of Lake Biwa. From years of aquatic life, the clay contains large amounts of organic matter which turn into air pockets when the clay is fired. The air pockets allow the clay to breathe as well as retain heat better.

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