Wooden Trays by Hasami Porcelain

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These wooden trays are part of the porcelain tableware designed by Tortoise General Store owner, Taku Shinomoto. Designed for serving and eating, these trays can become coasters and lids when used with its corresponding bowls and mugs.

Due to the material, we recommend only hand wash and drying immediately when wet.

Material: Oak

3.3"D x 0.8" $16
5.7"D x 0.8" $36
7.3" x 0.8" $55
8.7"D x 0.8" $70
10"D x 0.8" $100
11.8"D x 0.8" $125

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Wooden Trays by Hasami Porcelain

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Made in Hasami, a district in Nagasaki Japan that's been producing ceramics for over 400 years.