The Book of Tea

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"A wave of rare incense is wafted from the tea-room; it is the summons which bids the guests to enter. One by one they advance and take their places. In the tokonoma hangs a kakemono—a wonderful writing by an ancient monk dealing with the evanescence of all earthly things. The singing kettle. . . sounds like some cicada pouring forth his woes to departing summer." - Okakura Kakuzo, Book of Tea (1906), Describing the last Cha-no-yu by Rikiu, a great tea master

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The Book of Tea

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The author, Kakuzo Okakura (February 14, 1863 - September 2, 1913; also known as Okakura Tenshin) was a Japanese scholar who contributed to the development of arts in Japan.