Soy sauce container Type G by Masahiro Mori

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These soy sauce containers were first designed and manufactured in 1958, and still one of the most popular designs today without changing any of the manufacturing process.
It is recommended that you fill up about 60% of the capacity for best usage.
To prevent the spout from clogging, slightly tilt the container backwards after pouring.

Dimensions: 2.6'' diameter (base) and 3.5'' height

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Soy sauce container Type G by Masahiro Mori

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Hakusan Porcelain dates back to 1779 or 1958 as its current company. The town of Hasami, in Nagasaki prefecture is known for its ceramic houses and Hakusan is the most prolific. The company was lead by Masahiro Mori, who designed their most highly regarded pieces from 1958 to 1978. The company has received numerous Good Design and Long Life Design awards.