Enamel Kettle by Noda Horo

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This enamel kettle can be put directly on the stove or elegantly on your tabletop for a bright touch of color. The all enamel body boils water quickly and is a great conductor of heat. Gas stove, electric stove, and induction cooktop safe. We recommend hand wash only.

Size : H 6.5" (including lid) x W 9" (including handle and spout) x ├ś 5"
Holds 1.5L / 50.7oz
Gas stove, electric stove, induction cooktop safe.
Hand wash only.

*Please treat the kettle as if it was a glassware. It IS chipped once you dropped or hit!

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Horo means "enamel" in Japanese and Noda is the family name behind this stylish enamelware company. Noda Horo has been producing high quality enamelware for over 70 years and their classic designs and long lasting durability have made their enamelware standard items in professionals kitchens throughout Japan . Enamelware is known to not produce environmental toxins and keeps contents germ free -- ideal for storage and daily usage. CAUTION: Its handle may get hot. DO NOT LEAVE A HEATING KETTLE UNATTENDED. Forgotten kettles boil dry. If water has been boiled dry from the kettle TURN OFF HEAT and do not remove kettle until it has cooled. Leaving a dry kettle on a hot burner can melt enamel base and damage the kettle and burner. This could be a possible source of fire. DO NOT overfill the kettle. Overfilling the kettle can cause boiling water to be forced out of the spout. You could be burned. The water level should always be below the spout on the inside of the kettle. After the water boils, turn off the heat and allow the kettle to stand for 15 seconds and then pouring the water. DO NOT leave water in kettle when not in use. Remove water and completely dry interior after use to avoid rust or mineral build up. If rust or mineral deposits are detected boil water on medium heat for 15 min. with 1 oz. of lemon juice. Rinse and dry Hand wash only, not to be put in dishwasher.