“The Taste of Seasons”

IKKOAN Artisanal Wagashi – Japanese Confections Workshop  

Wagashi are beautifully crafted confections made of fiber and mineral rich azuki beans, grains, seaweed, nuts, fruits and wasanbon sugar.  Also called the edible calendar, Wagashi are seasonal confections; Some Wagashi like “Namagashi” are made fresh daily to reflect nature and the essence of each season.

IKKOAN Wagashi master and owner Chikara Mizukami and LA based food writer/cooking teacher Sonoko Sakai will indulge your five senses and give you a firsthand experience in “Namagashi”making and tasting. Mizukami studied Wagashi in Kyoto and Nagoya, and opened his own Wagashi shop in Tokyo at the age of 29. He has been making Wagashi for more than 30 years.  It is very rare, even in Japan, to watch a master like Mizukami at work up-close.


During the demonstration, Mizukami and Sakai will discuss various Wagashi topics, including the role of wagashi in the tea ceremony; the evolution of Wagashi as an art form – the differences between the abstract and impressionistic forms of Wagashi of Imperial Kyoto and the realistic forms of Wagashi of Samurai Edo; Wagashi influences on western pastries; the ingredients of Wagashi and methods of preparation. The poetic beauty, taste, fragrance, texture, and names of Wagashi will delight your five senses.

November 17th (Thu)

2:00 – 3:30pm @ Tortoise Studio / FULL!
4:30 – 6pm @ Tortoise Studio / FULL!

November 18th (Fri)

2:00 – 3:30pm @ Tortoise Studio / FULL!
4:30 – 6pm @ Tortoise Studio / FULL!

$60 / person, 8 peoplemaximum per session

for reservation, please call the store with your cc info 310-314-8448.

**please note that this is a demonstration class, not a hands-on cooking class.**

Mizukami has done workshops in Paris, Milan, Barcelona and Montreal. This is Mizukami’s first tour to the US, which has been made possible with a grant from the Japanese American  National Museum. http://www.janm.org/events/2011/11/

Sonoko Sakai is a food writer who contributes stories to the Los Angeles Times and Zester Daily. She also teaches the popular soba making and Japanese home cooking workshops at Tortoise General Store. Wagashi is her favorite dessert. Visit Sonoko’s blog at http://www.cooktellsastory.com/

Photo credit: Makoto Horiuchi