8/27 Sat Tea Tasting with GOLDA and Azzurra Aug 27th

Join us August 27th, Saturday 11 AM – 4 PMIMG_9005

You are probably already aware of GOLDA.

Their Hiba Atmosphere Mist and hand made soaps continue to be a popular gift item at TGS.

More recently GOLDA has brought us their organic ‘Yame-cha’, a special green tea made in the small town of Kuroki in the city of Yame in Fukuoka prefecture.  The tea is full of antioxidants, and though usually prepared hot, can also be enjoyed cold as a non-caffeinated, refreshing drink for the summer.

August 27th, Saturday, GOLDA and their long -time friend, Azzurra from Italy will be at Tortoise, sharing both GOLDA tea and Azzurra’s own Olive Leaf Tea.  Just like GOLDA, Azzurra has a very authentic philosophy behind their Olive Leaf Tea, produced by Le Corti Del Farfensi.  Their tea is delicately flavored and rejuvenating, and collected from the same ancient trees of their olive oil solely during their flowering to preserve maximum antioxidants.

Please join us!  Save the date: August 27th, Saturday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm on our TGS patio. 

Tea from GOLDA and Azzurra will be available for purchase at the event.