Sweet Fourth Sunday on July 26th! MENU BELOW

Time flies when you’re having fun!  We can’t believe that July 26th is our 5th Pop-Up with Sweet Rose Creamery!

As always, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Chef Shiho and her team is serving some of the best ice cream in town.  And as always, her menu hits all the seasonal high notes from sweet to savory, with a special Japanese twist.  Hello, roasted corn!

Below is a sneak photographic peak of the flavors Chef Shiho is bringing, as well as the full list of flavors that will be served.


See you soon!


Yaki-morokoshi IC (Roasted soy sauce corn)
Wasabi IC
Kombu Ribon IC (Sea Kelp ripple)
Yogurt with Anzu (Frozen yogurt with apricot swirl)
Plum sorbet

Kokuto cone (Muscovado sugar)
Kuro-goma cone (Black sesame)


Wasabi ice cream scoop:
wasabi ice cream scoop

Kuro-goma cones (Black sesame cone) being made:
kuro-goma cones

Soy sauce corn being roasted:
soy sauce corn

Corn ice cream scoop:
corn ice cream scoop

Plum sorbet scoop:
plum sorbet scoop

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