Somen Workshop by Sonoko Sakai

Date: Sunday, July  22
Time: 11-1pm.
Price: $70
Class size: 8 people
We will be eating outside in Tortoise’ patio.

“When I slurp a bowl of somen noodles it becomes a summer breeze”

All Japanese noodles can be eaten hot or cold, but it is somen that stars during the hot summer months because Japanese consume them in enormous quantities to stay cool.  Why are somen so extraordinarily cooling? Like angel hair pasta, somenis a very thin wheat noodles. They are served in ice water with ice cubes added to give the noodles that extra chilling factor. This is what makes the experience of slurping somen so smooth and satisfying in the summertime.

Somen can be made by hand or machine. The hand-stretched noodles are called tenobe somen.  Sonoko Sakai will introduce you to several somen noodles, including the rare delicacy made by the Moriwaki family in the village of Handa, Tokushima in the Shikoku island,which she recently visited and brought back a half a suitcase full of noodles.  This is a demonstration only and tastings workshop.


The menu:
Appetizer: Seasonal greens with roasted black sesame seeds sauce.
Cold somen with  eggplant, age tofu , and an assortment of herbs.
Hot somen noodles in a hot bonito and konbu seaweed soup with chicken, mushrooms, scallions, shiso, shichimi.
Japanese agar agar dessert with fresh fruit and mint.


About Sonoko Sakai:
Sonoko is a food writer and  soba maker.
You can buy her fresh soba noodles at Cookbook in Echo Park.
Sonoko is program curator for Common Grains.