Saori Handweaving Workshop

This pre-set workshop will teach you how to weave a scarf-length piece, which can be used as a scarf, jewelry hanger, art piece, table runner, or any other ideas you can come up with! Instructor Fumie Omiya, who has been working with a saori loom for over twenty years, will provide ALL materials including a plethora of yarns and threads.

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Date: October 21th (Sun) 1pm-4pm Sorry,full!
Date: September 16th (Sun) 1pm-4pm
Date: August 12 (Sun) 1pm-4pm 


Fee: $85(including all materials)
only 4 seats available. It is like a semi-private class!*please call us at 310-314-8448 to reserve a spot. Even if it’s full, Fumie will add more classes in the future so please leave your contact for the waiting list.

$85 non-refundable prepayment required. 
Minimum of 2 students are required for a class to be held. If a class is canceled, you will receive a full refund.
If it rains, Fumie will hold a class the Sunday after the original schedule date.

Even if you are not available in the above schedule, we might add more classes in the future so please leave us your contact information for future schedules.

More information about Saori Handweaving Workshop :

The “sa-” in “saori” is a Zen Buddhist term that means “each thing has
its own unique quality” and the “-ori” means “weaving.”  Thus saori  is
more than just a technique, it is the philosophy that each person has a
latent intuitive, creative power and the aesthetic that embraces the
natural beauty of unintended “mistakes” and encourages exploring the
unknown.  It is an artistic yet practical path of meditation, stress
reduction, and identity-building.