2 Kyoto craftsmen, Kaikado Canister’s Takahiro Yagi and Kanaami-Tsuji’s Toru Tsuji will be visiting Tortoise for an intimate discussion and demonstration of their craft and designs as well as giving a first look of their latest items: copper wire lampshades, canister candle holders, and coffee brewing kettles.

Both artists are part of a long tradition of craftsmen (each over 100 years) and we expect this visit to be one of the last few visits from Yagi and Tsuji.  Kaikado is also celebrating their 130th anniversary and to celebrate, each Kaikado item purchased at Tortoise will receive a personalized engraving.

“Our mentality as craftsmen is constantly evolving.  Our keyword for KYOTO LIVE, after much thought is, ‘diversity’. We are channeling experiences that are all around us — the diverse experiences of other artists and diverse experiences of people who enjoy our craft around the world, and creating objects that capture all these meaningful experiences – and can carry on and influence other experiences as the object is used.  It’s not just a canister or copper wires – there is a deeper meaning there that has been cultivated by diverse experiences.”

KYOTO LIVE will be held from June 21st to June 24th, Sunday through Wednesday, from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.


Kanaami-Tsuji Copper Lantern Shades:

Kanaa 2

Toru Tsuji, Craftsmen (2nd generation)
Kanaa 1

Kaikado Kettles:



Kaikado Canister is the oldest and longest lasting tea canister business in Japan and has been passed down through generations since 1875.  Craftsman, Takahiro Yagi (6th generation)and his father, center: