KAIKADO demonstration

Since 1875 until today, there is one family in Kyoto which has kept the technique which takes more than  130 processes until completion to make one canister. When you line up the seams on the canister and let go of the lid, it will shut down by itself slowly. The action excrete air, which in result seals completely and keep contents fresh longer. This is the proof of hand made by craftsman.

KAIKADO‘s fifth generation craftsman, Mr. Yagi will fly from Kyoto and show a part of the process in front of you.

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September 23rd (Fri) – 25th (Sun) : noon-5pm each day @ Tortoise studio

If you purchase a canister during this term, a tea leaf scooper (worth $12-$14) will be given as a gift with your name engraved!

They will also bring varieties that we don’t usually carry, so if you are a KAIKADO fan, please visit!

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