10/1 Sat Kagoshima-Cha Event Self-Ground Tea Session 10 AM -4 PM

kagoshima cha


Birouen’s 2 free Tea Sessions – with a demonstration and tasting – are scheduled as follows:1st Session:11:00 am – 12:00 pm
2nd Session:2:00 pm  – 3:00 pm

If you are interested in attending, please rsvp for the free tea session by emailing us at Hello@tortoiselife.com


We announced last month that Birouen Tea House will be hosting a special “Self-Ground Post-Matcha Tea Event” at TGS on Saturday October 1st, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm!As an added surprise, Sweet Rose Creamery head chef, Shiho Yoshikawa, has created 3 unique ice cream/gelato flavors in collaboration with Birouen.  The 3 flavors that will be available in very limited quantity are: hojicha ice cream and gelato, kirishima matcha gelato, and aracha/konacha gelato.  TGS will be selling these flavors for $11/pint until they sell out.Birouen Tea House is based in Kagoshima, Japan and have been serving traditional Kagoshima/Japanese tea for around 130 years. Birouen’s special tea ambassador will be showing attendees how to enjoy “post-matcha” tea called Kabuse in 2 different and interesting ways — First, with the tea’s traditional method and second, in a unique and original way specifically created for Angelinos!  Attendees will learn how to grind their own tea and they will also learn why Kabuse tea is considered “post-matcha” and indulge in the premium umami taste and floral notes of this special tea.

Birouen tea will be available for purchase at TGS on this day!

Find what you like, and enjoy it at home!  Please come by!