Just a few ideas for Father’s Day from us!

2013-06-07 07.44.00-thumb-480x319-thumb-480x319

Left: tenugui and whale knife set $73
Center Top: tenugui and folding knife set $37
Center Bottom: two tenuguis and one old fashioned whisky glass set $47
Right: Kalita mill, bras coffee spoon, coffee cookies, tenugui set $179

2013-06-07 07.44.39-thumb-480x319-thumb-480x319

Left: Tajika branch scissors, 2 seeds set $122.6
Right: copper case M, Tajika copper scissors, brass letter opener, Edoya cleaning brush set $256

2013-06-07 07.45.04-thumb-480x721-thumb-480x721

Leather slipper & container set $233