Hayato Aoki “A Gathering for Breakfast and Morning Music”

A guitarist Hayato Aoki will fly from Japan with Kentaro Masumitsu who will exhibit his works at Tortoise from June 14th.

We have carried his produced CDs in our Studio and have played all the time there.
(If you haven’t listened to his beautiful music, please come to TGS or try to listen them on his website(only Japanese).

Aoki is a musician who performs by placing enormous emphasis on space and
location and the sound is very relaxing and calm and it seems to blend
in nature.


This gathering is for breakfast and his morning music.

DATE&TIME: June 17th Sunday, 8:30AM-9:45AM 
FEE: $30
20 seats only

The breakfast will be served by Thomas Stern who is a member of Tortoise General Store staff and also a self-taught food specialist.

Here is a message from Thomas:

I have neither worked in a restaurant for more than a day (I have worked in some great kitchens for one day,) nor have I attended culinary school; however, I cook with an unorthodox amount of TLC.  I pretty much read Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma then started eating as much stuff from the farmer’s market as my time permitted.  For several years, this resulted in lackluster food that didn’t do justice to the ingredients the farmer’s sweat to produce.  In recent months, with the help of Edward Behr’s The Art of Eating magazine and cookbook, Monica Spiller’s barm bread recipe, and the understanding of my parents to let me take over their kitchen’s, I have become a respectable cook.

For the breakfast, I will be serving Sourdough bread, a mixed greens salad, granola, and a couple cultured dairy products.  The bread is made from two whole grain flours: Red Fife by Anson Mills, and Hard Red Winter Wheat by Community Grains leavened by my own natural yeast starter.  The salad greens will come from Maggie’s farms and will be dressed with a simple vinaigrette  of extra virgin olive oil, champagne vinegar, lemon juice and salted capers.  The granola will start with a blend of Anson Mill’s Brewester’s oats and Bob’s Red Mill oats.  The grains will be sprouted then seasoned with Strauss butter, local honey, vanilla pod, and sea salt, then dehydrated and mixed with sprouted almonds along with soaked and dehydrated pecans and walnuts.  The cultured dairy products are like yogurt, but milder.  One is called Villi, and the other Mjolk.  One will be made with goat milk, and the other Strauss cow’s milk.  That’s the one surprise.  You don’t get to know everything.

I hope you enjoy!