Donabe Cooking Class by Naoko Moore

Japanese Summer “Bento” 

date:  Aug 11th Saturday 11am-1pm  sorry, full! (08/05/12)
date: July 14th Saturday 11am – 1pm

location: TGS Studio
fee: $70
max capacity: 8 min: 6

Summer is here, and it’s a perfect season to make bento meal to bring to outdoor activities.  Bento, or a “boxed meal”, is a big part of the food culture in Japan.  Whether it’s simple or more elaborate, homemade “bento” finds a sweet spot in our hearts.  For picnic, typical bento consists of various kinds of side dishes plus “onigiri” (rice balls).  Once you know a few important rules about making “bento”, you can use your creativity to make your own gorgeous meal to take with you.  In this class, we will show you how to make a variety of bento-friendly healthy donabe dishes.  Once all the dishes are ready, you will decorate your personal “bento” and we have lunch together in the patio.  After finishing the meal, you can also take home the reusable bamboo skin bento box.

(Scheduled Menu – subject to change without notice)
*Yuzu-kosho, basil, and pine nuts “onigiri” (rice balls) with donabe rice
*Donabe steam-roasted “yu-an” (sake-soy marinated) fish
*Donabe-steamed drunken chicken & vegetable salad
*Donabe steam-fry “Kori” tofu and mushrooms
*Quick-pickled radish in honey-vinegar


Naoko Moore Profile

Naoko is a donabe & Japanese home-cooking expert and promotes healthy Japanese cooking.  She runs Iga-yaki donabe and cooking websites in English and also hosts donabe & Japanese cooking classes in her kitchen in Los Angeles.  Her company, toiro, is a US representative of an authentic Iga-yaki donabe & pottery producer, Nagatani-en (“iga-mono” brand), which was founded in 1832 in Iga, Japan.  As a native of Tokyo, Naoko grew up with a huge passion for food and (later) wine. She studied at Academie du Vin in Tokyo, while working in the music industry and became a certified Wine Expert by Japan Sommelier Association.  She moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and studied professional cooking at Le Cordon Bleu Program at California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena.  After graduation, she was invited back to the school to become a full-time wine instructor for the next few years.  She has homes both in LA and Tokyo.  In addition to her frequent trip back to Japan, she enjoys traveling to other countries to explore different cultures.  Learn more about Naoko at : toiro website ( and blog  (