Cooking workshop by Toiro Kitchen

Naoko Moore, owner of Toiro Kitchen will demonstrate how to make Shio-Koji, traditional Japanese condiment made by fermenting koji mold with salt and water and how to cook with Shio-Koji. It is such a trendy condiment in current Japan, INDEED!!

Hand-made shio-koji & shio-koji dishes

date/time: June 16th Saturday 11am-1pm
fee: $70/person
max capacity: 8 min capacity: 5

Feel the power of Koji for your healthier and more wholesome lives.  In this workshop, you will make your own “shio-koji” to take home with you and learn a variety of shio-koji recipes including donabe dishes!
“Shio-koji” (salt-fermented koji) is an all-purpose seasoning which you can use as marinade, for sauce, or simply as a replacement for salt. Because of its naturally rich and savory flavor,”shio-koji” can make any simple ingredients more flavorful with just a small amount of it.  Once you experience “shio-koji”, it could become an essential ingredient in your everyday cooking.

Koji, which is the key ingredient of “shio-koji”, is a type of mold which inoculates on rice and is used for fermentation.  It is a crucial starter for Japan’s essential foods and drinks such as miso, soy sauce, sake, amazake etc.  Koji is known not only for its ability to bring out good “umami” flavors, but also for its health benefits because of its live enzymes.

Scheduled Menu – (subject to change without notice)
*Making shio-koji from scratch
*Shio-koji marinated fresh tofu appetizer
*Daikon salad with shio-koji dressing
*Donabe-roasted shio-koji marinated salmon
*Donabe chirashi sushi with shio-koji mushrooms & kale


Naoko Moore Profile
Naoko is a donabe & Japanese home-cooking expert. She runs Iga-yaki donabe and cooking websites in English and also hosts donabe & Japanese cooking classes in her kitchen in Los Angeles. Her company, toiro, is a US representative of an authentic Iga-yaki donabe & pottery producer, Nagatani-en (“iga-mono” brand), which was founded in 1832 in Iga, Japan. As a native of Tokyo, Naoko grew up with a huge passion for food and (later) wine. She studied at Academie du Vin in Tokyo, while working in the music industry and became a certified Wine Expert by Japan Sommelier Association. She moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and studied professional cooking at Le Cordon Bleu Program at California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena. After graduation, she was invited back to the school to become a full-time wine instructor for the next few years. She has homes both in LA and Tokyo. In addition to her frequent trip back to Japan, she enjoys traveling to other countries to explore different cultures. Learn more about Naoko at : toiro website ( and blog (