We really had a successful fundraiser and the total donation would be over $5000! All proceed goes to two organization in Fukushima, SAFECAST and SWITCH. We really appreciate your consideration and continuous support. (October 26, 2014)


“Radiation does not stop at a country’s borders.  We all belong to the earth, it is our home and we are responsible for preserving it.  Fukushima was a cataclysm the Japanese people bravely endured alone, but collectively we can better assess and inform others around the world on the shared impacts of a large radiation leak.   We are all caretakers of the resources that sustain our lives.  It is our duty to assist as inhabitants of this beautiful shared earth.” -Nikolai Alexander, the event organizer


October 25th and 26th, we will be hosting a ‘Market and Auction’ for Japan Relief on our outdoor patio.

This idea was brought to us by our good and long time customer, the Alexanders, who wanted to raise money for Japan by donating their collection of current and vintage products from Japan.  For the proceeds, it was our honor to introduce them to two organizations that are close to our Tortoise employees, SAFECAST and SWITCH, both citizen-based organizations that are working in Fukushima.

Fukushima is still deeply affected by the events of 3/11, but the activities and efforts by SAFECAST and SWITCH encourage us to stay informed, and to have hope for those affected.

Co- founder of SAFECAST, Sean Bonner, will be at the event to provide more information about SAFECAST and Fukushima.  Our staff member Sumi Watanabe will be speaking about SWITCH on behalf of her friends in Fukushima.
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(image: Nikolai Alexander)