TORTOISE GENERAL STORE IS MOVING! Thank you Abbot Kinney for 15 Great Years!


We have a big announcement!
We are moving.
But not far at all.

After 15 years of enjoying the Abbot Kinney life, we have decided to move our brick and mortar location to Mar Vista, to join the ‘tortoise’ shop and showroom we opened on the corner of Venice Blvd and Wade Blvd last month!

Our last day on Abbot Kinney is yet to be determined – but will happen sometime end of May.  We hope to open our new Tortoise General Store in Mar Vista (next to our new ‘tortoise’ shop and showroom on Venice Blvd) sometime in June.  

When the Tortoise General Store opened in 2003, we began our shop with the philosophy of a ‘slow and steady’ life.  This philosophy guided everything we did – from the products we carried, to the exhibitions we presented, to the workshops we hosted over the years.  We made life-long friends with people who understood our preferred pace of life, and who appreciated the choices we made.  Our move to Mar Vista is our way of returning to the ‘slow and steady’ life that attracted us to Abbot Kinney fifteen years ago.  It will be a huge change and a new challenge for us to move our General Store from the busy, popular street of Abbot Kinney to a calmer location on Venice Blvd, but we also see it as an opportunity to make new contributions and get to know our customers again – like we did when we first opened.  Having a brick and mortar shop is a privilege in this age of ‘click and shop’, and we want to remain true to the philosophy that has given us a long life.  We hope to have your support and your patronage at our new location.

We will miss Abbot Kinney, but this is not goodbye.  Just see you soon in Mar Vista!

Heartfelt thanks and ありがとうございました,