Niime Arm Warmers and Scarves for Fall

Niime, named after the designer, specializes in a style of weaving and dying called Banshu-ori – a method that originated in Hyogo and is an ancient Japanese technique of making textiles where the dying,weaving and finishing is all done in one continuous production cycle.  Banshu-ori creates an extremely fine and delicate textile that is ideal for wearing because of it’s soft and gentle touch on the skin.

Niime cultivates her own cotton for her cotton weavings without any agricultural chemicals and all of her textiles are dyed without harmful chemicals. Niime is known for her colorful scarves (also sold at Tortoise) as they brighten and add character to the wearer, and now for this holiday season we are excited to carry her unique and cozy arm warmers.

Each arm warmers is approximately 14” long and the material is 95% wool and 5% cotton.  The colors and pattern do not repeat and we have a limited number available in stock.  Each arm warmer is $65.

Please contact us by phone (310-314-844) or email (, or visit us at the store if you are interested in purchasing.



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