Kaneko Rice Tasting on April 25th, 11am -5pm!

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We are hosting a special event on Saturday, April 25th in honor of Sahori Kaneko and her family’s 300 year old rice fields in Aichi prefecture!

Sahori, merchandiser for TGS since 2013, is returning to her hometown of Aichi to join her family’s rice tradition and expand it into a small business.

The rice harvested on the Kaneko farm is called mineasahi – a rice that can only be grown in Aichi, and compared to other rice varieties, is sweeter (‘amami’) and with a superior texture and consistency (‘nebari’).

“Kaneko rice is delicious because we grow our rice with water from the nearby mountains (‘yama mizu’).  Other rice fields will use water from the city, or from rivers, and we take our water from a very pure source.”

Sahori, whose background is in interior design and her sister, who works as an aroma therapist in Japan, intend on creating a business that will focus on wellness as much as rice.  Their future plans involve a cafe with a menu using Kaneko rice as well as a spa where people can enjoy the surrounding natural beauty while receiving treatments.

At this Kaneko rice event we will be tasting both white and brown rice balls in soy sauce and miso flavors and giving away samples while supplies last.  The miso will also be from Aichi – a richer and deeper tasting miso than other you may have tried in the past!

“Living in America the last two years helped me see the beauty of Japan in a way I hadn’t before.  I am taking what I learned at Tortoise to create something sophisticated and modern with rice, and to show people the value of agriculture.  Not only people visiting Aichi prefecture, but for the people living in our own community as well.” 

Please come see us April 25th for this very special pop-up event, and to say goodbye to Sahori!


Aichi frog enjoying the rice field:

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The surrounding mountains are the main water source for all Kaneko Rice fields:

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Rice planting season starts on May 1st.  Sahori will return home on April 30th, and start planting the very next day with her family.  Gambare!

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