Details for the items on Newsletter Feb. Issue

Denim Tie by Prospective Flow

Prospective Flow is a team of Japanese and based in Los Angeles.

  • Selvedge Denim, 58″Length x



Akane vase

Akane Matsuura is an glass artist from Nagano prefecture. We have been carrying her products since we opened in 2003!!

  • Green Large appr. 6.5 in x 6 in $354
  • Green Medium appr. 5 in x 5.5 in $266
  • Blue Large appr. 6 in x 6 in $354
  • Blue Medium appr. 5 in x 5 in $266


Each one is made by mouth blown. The shape comes in vary. Here is example of two small size vase.


Water Splash Ring holder

These beautiful glass ring holder is made in Shimane prefecture, west side of Japan.
Each one is slightly different in size since they are all hand made.

  • appr. 1.75 in x 2 in $120


PLUIE Hair Acc. 

PLUIE is a hair jewelry brand established in 2013 by Yuya Takahashi, an LA-based hair stylist.

Embodying the concept “Pluie ressenti par surrealism”, meaning “rain felt by surrealism”.  All barrettes are inspired by nature.

Made in USA. Underside clip imported from France.

  • Feather Silver plated              Length : 5 inches / 12.5cm $120
  • Feather Gold plated                Length : 5 inches / 12.5 cm $120
  • Starfish Silver plated              Length : 3.75 inches / 9.5cm $120
  • Starfish Gold plated                Length : 3.75 inches / 9.5cm $120
  • Antler Silver plated                Length : 3.75 inches / 9.5cm $114
  • Antler Gold plated                  Length : 3.75 inches / 9.5cm $114

feather_silverfeather_gold  fether_model seashell  starfish_modelantlerantler_model


Golda Pyramid Soap

 Hand made with the finest ingredients.

Saponifired oils of coconut,palm,olive and safflower, vegetable glycerine, water, sodium hydroxide, jojoba oil, avocado oil, hiba wood rose oil, geranium oil, mica,sorbitol, sorbitan oleate.

available at online store

  • Gold Pyramid Soap $18

Golda_pyramid copy

CDG Monocle Perfume 

  • CDG Perfume Monocle: Hinoki $120

This fragrance was first launched by Comme des Garcons in 2008, created in honor of th emen’s lifestyle magazine Monocle. It is presented as a fragrance which brings aromas of Hinoki (Japanese cypress), and is inspired with Japanese hot spring baths and the woods.

50ml  1.7 fl.oz

  • CDG Perfume Monocle ; Sugi $120

This light, energizing fragrance is inspired by Sugi (Japanese cedar) which is a popular ornamental plant in Japan.

Also a unisex scent.

50ml 1.7 fl.oz