Kyoto’s Ippodo Tea Returns to Tortoise!

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The most popular tea shop in Kyoto is visiting us again!

Tea experts from Ippodo will  teach several small group workshops both Saturday and Sunday, 11/12 and 11/13 for those who want to learn more about tea!

History of Ippodo

With a history going back nearly 3 centuries to the Edo period, Ippodo is a tea company richly steeped in Japanese tradition.

Its origin dates back to the year 1717, when founder Rihei Watanabe established a tea shop called OMIYA at Teramachi Nijo, just south of the Imperial Palace.  The shop’s reputation for providing high quality tea grew quickly, and patrons soon included members of the Imperial household.  In 1846, the shop was renamed IPPODO, which literally means “preserve one”.  The name was bestowed upon the shop by Prince Yamashina, who wanted the shop to forever preserve its tradition of providing high quality tea with a supreme taste.  To this day, Ippodo has strived to uphold the wishes of the Prince, and to adhere to the time-honored mission of providing a superlative tea with the trademark high-quality taste.

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Workshop at Tortoise on 11/12 & 11/13

This year Ippodo will divide their focus between the two days to cover many topics. Saturday will focus on the basics of Japanese tea and Sunday will have a more advanced focus specifically on matcha and go into the appreciation and making of matcha.

Saturday will run 3 (90 min length) sessions, and Sunday will have 2 (90 min length) sessions.

Saturday Class Times:
11:00 AM
1:30 PM
3:30 PM

Sunday Class Times:
12:30 PM
3:30 PM

Each class session is limited to 8 people, and the fee for Saturday is $35 and the fee for Sunday is $45. If interested please sign up for the class on our online store here!

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Niime Arm Warmers and Scarves for Fall

Niime, named after the designer, specializes in a style of weaving and dying called Banshu-ori – a method that originated in Hyogo and is an ancient Japanese technique of making textiles where the dying,weaving and finishing is all done in one continuous production cycle.  Banshu-ori creates an extremely fine and delicate textile that is ideal for wearing because of it’s soft and gentle touch on the skin.

Niime cultivates her own cotton for her cotton weavings without any agricultural chemicals and all of her textiles are dyed without harmful chemicals. Niime is known for her colorful scarves (also sold at Tortoise) as they brighten and add character to the wearer, and now for this holiday season we are excited to carry her unique and cozy arm warmers.

Each arm warmers is approximately 14” long and the material is 95% wool and 5% cotton.  The colors and pattern do not repeat and we have a limited number available in stock.  Each arm warmer is $65.

Please contact us by phone (310-314-844) or email (, or visit us at the store if you are interested in purchasing.



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